Ref.: 1146

  • Age: 2008
  • Max size: 320×385 mm
  • Impress count: 0,7 mio
  • Machine type: Thermobinders
  • Condition: perfect
  • Availability: at once
  • Located: Eastern Europe

Counter 739636 books;
Electronic control of the entire workflow only on the touch screen, without knobs and buttons;
The machine sets itself automatically adapting to different book thicknesses;
Selection of gluing programs (book with cover, block with automatic ejection, block with manual removal);
Automatic block clamping;
Cutting the block's back;
Glue application unit consisting of 3 cylinders and 2 side gluing discs - pre-spreading the glue, applying the main layer of glue;
Automatic cover feeding with suction cups with electronic control of no cover feeding;
Making up to 6 parallel grooves in the cover - automatically adjusted depending on the thickness of the book;
Possibility of gluing books with wing covers;
Gluing sewn books.

Technical parameters:

Book format: min. 100 x 100 mm - with cover, max. 320x 385 mm;
Block format: min. 60x 90 mm, max. 320x 385 mm;
Conveyor (belt lining of finished products) (WxLxH : 52cm x 125cm x 46cm);
Book thickness: min. 1 mm, max. 60 mm;
Cover format: min. 200 x 100 mm, max. 710 x 395 mm;
Cover weight: max. 80-300 g / m2;
Cover stack height in the automatic feeder: 80 mm;
Capacity: approx. 600 pcs / hour;
Adhesive temperature: min. 140 degrees C, max. 180 deg. C;
Time to prepare for work: (time to heat up the adhesive to 140 degrees C) 25 min.;
Power supply: 3 phases, 380 V;
Power consumption: 4 kW;
Dimensions of the machine with conveyor: (L x W x H) 2.02m x 2.41m x 1.50m .

In production.

16000 EUR FCA