Ryobi 524 GE

Ref.: 1161

  • Age: 2008
  • Max size: 350 x 520 mm
  • Impress count: 52 mio
  • Machine type: 4 colors
  • Condition: perfect
  • Availability: at once
  • Located: Eastern Europe

Max. size: 35 x 52 cm (13 x 20 inch);
Impression - 52 mio;
RYOBIMATIC Dampening; 
Technotrans  Alfa d5 Recirculation/ Refrigeration;
RYOBI PCS-JX with with touch display;
Remote control of ink and ink feeding in the PCS system;
RYOBI Program Inking; 
Remote micro regulation with longitudinal, transverse and skewed registers from a panel placed on the feeder; 
Sheet skew control; 
Automatic Ink Roller washer;  
Automatic Blanket washer; 
Powder Spray - GRAFIX Digital;
4 additional ink rollers / 1 for each unit /;
RYOBI IVS - online data transfer system from CTP (CIP4 - PPF);
Baldwin GS1 IR drying (with water cooling and circulation).
Plate Punch; 

In production.

Price on request