Bobst SP102 CER

Ref.: 1236

  • Age: 1989
  • Max size: B1
  • Impress count: 18.000 working hours
  • Machine type: Die Cutters // Hot Foil Stamping machines
  • Condition: good
  • Availability: at once

Feeder manual Non-stop;
autom. Non-Stop with sheet inserter;
Maindrive converted to frequency converter;
Feeder table with transport equipment for 4 mm cardboard;
Logistic delivery ( Bobst standard);
Side guide OS + BS;
Corrugated transport equipment;
Quick lock chase frame with fixed bottom plate;
Vacuum compensation plate with micro adjusting;
Stripping upper quick lock frame;
Middle stripping frame quick lock;
Lower stripping frames;
Separating upper quick lock frame;
Universal lower separating tool;
Lower stripping frames and racks.

Price on request