BUSCH ESTA B automatic punching machine for labels

Ref.: 1281

  • Age: 1973
  • Machine type: Various types of equipment
  • Condition: good
  • Availability: at once
  • Located: Poland

Automatic punching machine for labels;
S/n : 6/455;
Five adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders;
Max. punching size: 230×230 mm;
Min. punching size: 10×10 mm;
Max. feeding height: 180 mm;
Max. punching pressure: 10 t;
Punching strokes: 8–10 p/min.;
Machine output: 400–500.000/h.;
Dimensions (without delivery gutter): 130×78×142 cm;
Gutter length: 250 cm;
Power: 6,6 kW.;
Net weight: 730 kg.

1050 EUR FCA